Lie In

Some people never buy in
To the idea of a lie in —
They consider it a sign of laziness;
The height of craziness.

But after a week of six O’clock starts
The enthusiasm departs
For seeing the clock with those numbers on it;
My comfortable bed I slumbers upon it.

I always have a late night before,
So getting up is always a chore:
Caffeine is the god I adore,
If I start to flag I can always drink more.


Set And Rise

Fiery sunset,
Source of earth bound life descends —
Sunk boat horizon.


Messages, left dead,
Knew the real but distant truth
That cleanses the eyes.

Isis Orb

To point direction
Night rests in its milky sphere,
Smiling under cloak.


Origin lies in
A cell’s dream of division
That shall multiply.

Dance In Day

We dance in day now:
Take us presently into
Its warm matrix grip.


Of day’s blood sunset,
Of childish nursery rhymes,
Of golden raindrops.