Cut Off

And he was blinded:
Eyes shut perforce —
A cruel blow
For an artist.

And so he flowed through his fingers:
Mind operating through the plasticity of clay,
And they cut off his fingers —
A cruel tragedy
Dealt upon a sculptor.

And his tongue learnt eloquent words:
A poet of deepest profundity was born,
And they cut out his tongue —
A devastation
To a man of words.

And he walked:
A nomad in the realms of life,
Lonely, lost and drifting,
And they cut off the roads —
An impediment
To a wanderer.

And so he learned to dance:
A figure trapped in the rhythm,
And they cut off his feet —
Not much help
To a dancer.

And he was forced to become a listener:
Gatherer of information,
And they plugged up his ears —
Of his tools.

And he was trapped in his mind:
A thinker of unfathomable thoughts
Linked together in succession,
And they cut off his head —
Of any considerations.

And he floated in ghostly raiment,
Martyred and loved by all who were scorned,
And they cut off his worshippers —
And he faded into memory.


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