Out Through 1: Click

Click click click, you’re just a click through. She stared him down, her eyes blank as radio whitenoise.

‘What are you doing, Spira?’

‘Spinning you.’


‘Tuning you to another frequency – as far as I can tell your aura is indicating that you aren’t resonating at the right spatio-temporal frequency for optimum experiential throughput.’

‘In English, please.’

‘I am giving you a better future’

Telechronetics had been thought of as a myth for a long time. Then they had been hunted down and a lot of them had been killed and the murders had been very public – the authorities had made performance pieces out of every single execution. They were sending a message: to the other telechronetics out there and to your average Joe – no quarter would be given. A few of them had kept ahead of the pack for long enough that they could learn to use their abilities and then they slipped out through the moments that they opened for themselves in the timeline.

Spira arrived like a tornado of sequential glitches – de ja vu ticking through the clocks until they burnt out, amnesia, strokes, epileptic, narcoleptic and all other manner of fits. The universe and all the biological entities therein reacting to the presence of something illogical and seemingly antithetical to the normal state of things in the only way it could – by shutting down, trying to rid itself of the infection. But Spira’s willpower was a powerful anchor and she bent the quantum field around herself into a new shape as if she were trying on new clothes, and in a way she was.

It was only a matter of time before someone came for her – there was no way that a surge of tachyon activity of that level could go unnoticed by people whose only job was to do just that. What would she do when that happened? Well, she had been practicing. She had re-tuned several people in the area so that good things kept happening to them – she described it as magnetising their optimal temporal drives, some fifth dimensional sense organ that most humans were unable to control. Why were they unable to control it? Because most of them were unaware of its existence. Why was that? Because looking at someone on a three-dimensional imaging scanner wasn’t going to make it appear – this was a step beyond the idea of a tesseract. A lot of people had thought she was blowing smoke up their asses but then things had started happening in the way that she had told them they were going to happen and it was hard to refute empirical evidence.

When things started happening that surprised her we knew that they were on to her and that they were coming. The only question was, what were we going to do about it?

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