Making A Difference

When you have sold all the weapons you can possibly sell and everyone that the guns were to be used on is dead; when all the places you wanted to conquer and control are under your thumb then you have to look farther afield. You have to create situations – create a market. If you have a product there is no excuse for not being able to sell it. Laziness is not a reason that can be used ever. Laziness is so much hot air, it’s nullspace. When you have a product that is hooked into a primal urge you should be able to utilise that. If the people that would usually buy your product are too comfortable then make them uncomfortable – strip away that buffer that lets them ignore the pressing urgency to spend, spend, spend.

Spay picked up the newspaper and he smiled. The French would have called him an agent provocateur. He thought he had heard the term shit-disturber once or twice in reference to the kind of thing that he practiced. He liked the French, sure, but the other one was more to the point. That was what he did. A car bomb here, a suicide bomber there – some hand-picked drugged up zombie who there wasn’t enough left of to tell what creed or colour he was. It was all perfect – it more than did the job. If you managed to get a few innocents into the bargain then that was more emotive and even better for selling weaponry. War was reactionary, war was dirty – war meant filthy lucre whoever was shooting the gun.

They had a TV studio on the outskirts of the city and they had plenty of fresh bodies that they needed to get rid of – political prisoners, so called ethical hot potatoes that no one wanted around. Stand-ins, fakes, and the real deal. Torture, mock-ups, real-time executions – whatever was going to keep the machine running was what he would do. He had no morals. It wasn’t that he was amoral. He knew the difference between good and bad. He made a choice to step away from that game – at least in his professional life. Morals didn’t make for wealth.

He’d shifted a lot of units here. He needed to get out of here for a while. Retreat to the soft options for the time being – the social engineering side of the project that didn’t have any meat by-product. He’d resurface hen things had cooled down a bit – one good thing about this business was that the turnover in your clientèle was rapid, and in the heat of battle people didn’t have much of a memory for the weapons dealer. You didn’t take much notice of someone you treated as if they were a ghost. He liked his work. He was making a difference.