Grit: Standover 1

Standover men were muscle-driven machines on the whole – people that had just enough grey matter to know that they were not bright enough to hatch master plans that were going to bring them riches beyond compare, but just enough cunning to know how to trap those who could. Occasionally you would get one that had enough brains to be able to run their own operation but who chose not to; who chose to cut down the amount of work they had to do by just stealing off of those men who could work the system and generate capital. Standover men were often scarily capable, totally insane and blessed with the luck a lot of madmen find in attendance, or an even more worrying combination of the two.

No one was sure about McGovern. What did he represent except a threat to the livelihood of several men? They came to Grit with their tails between their legs and their wallets in their hands. Ready to pay Grit whatever he asked. He didn’t want to be greedy. He was thinking that if he gave them a good deal and got rid of this guy the they were going to owe him big time. That one guy could turn this many career criminals into scared little girls didn’t bode that well for it being a cakewalk. The only thing was that these guys were soft like most people in management positions were; they had grown fat and comfortable – they had younger men doing the running about. He didn’t bother to ask them why their foot soldiers couldn’t deal with this guy because he knew – they were only used to dealing with the scared and the stoned.

He would have to check out McGovern’s routine and be careful in how he approached this one. It wasn’t like the schmucks who he could just walk up to and plug in the back of the skull. This would take some planning.

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