Grit: Vacuum 1

Grimoire was gone and Grit knew that this would result in a rush to assume alpha dog status amongst the heretofore small fish of the pond. It was a great business opportunity to play all ends off against the middle. None of these jokers would be a big enough threat to him even combined if they cottoned on to what he was doing so he didn’t feel compelled to tie up any loose ends at all. Some people might compare this bullshit to playing chess but no way was this as mentally demanding as that. He often watched Scarface and he sometimes recommended it to these people to see if a single one of them might learn the lesson about not getting high on their own supply but they never did.

You earned the money, you had the coke, and you could afford the whores – why not experiment a little bit? You were a drug dealer and you knew that someone would be snapping at your heels all the time. Enjoy it while you could.

Grit had seen so many of them lose their edge to the white powder and not be aware of it in the least. They failed to see that they were starting to make bad decisions and that the only reason that someone was able to infiltrate their territory was that they couldn’t think straight. He swam like a shark through their masses picking them off as was necessary. He knew that there would always be more. Scumbags were a self-replenishing resource.

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