Cockroach 2

You expect efficiency – that is what the public expects: they think of the military as being a finely oiled machine to use the old cliche. When bad things happen they are put down to bad luck, not the inefficiency of those who were tasked to carry out the orders. They thought I was dead. It was not supposed to look like a military strike because they didn’t want to have my blood or that of my family on their hands – they wanted a civilian to find me and jump to the wrong conclusions. Wrong conclusions the seeds for which were planted all around the crime scene. Unfortunately with my body not being there I am now going to be suspect number one – still, even if the local police filing a report on the incident and putting out an APB for me tips them off to the fact I survived they are unlikely to conceive of me attacking them, or if they picture that eventuality how could they guess the angle?

Today I have come across more mistakes – they have not shut down my access codes yet … I mean, who would want to use them, right? And no one knew them except me, and I am dead. Ok, you get the point. They were sloppy. I was trained for this kind of thing, enhanced to a point where everything became insanely easy – perhaps improved to such a degree that they became scared of us.

I have tracked down the men who gave the orders – a joint decision from General Architrave and Senator Bromide from the oversight committee. I have the names of every single man on the team – a group of five – Cisceaux, Jolie, Parrent, Archer, and Hale. I’d worked with all of them at some point but it wasn’t going to be hard killing them – i had formed no attachments to any of them. Any feeling that we had shared between any of us had been burned out in one single act – their killing of my family and attempted execution of myself.

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