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you art hear

thoughtspores grow – maturation accelerated by the ingress of a wordy careless man, who comes with wholly disdain for the infected. he speaks his mutterspell in the ubersprecht of the viral detach and watches as his audience deteriorates markedly.
pandora complexes flit through the meat translators scattering neural peptide chains of panic, seeding cancer dreams of rewrite. lay to waste and exit – the messenger does not ever know his memeload is plaguecarrier high and that he is destroying worlds as he gossips.
the universe condenses into a junction avatar; a devil’s advocate born to question those who would advance to the next level. buddha-rhythms and kali-prisms sit mute in the room, sucking in the singular and spitting out the miriad; while the hymn-sects choir to the underlie hivemind that pushes all forward.
a single moment is all one needs to birth everything and destroy what came before. in the beginning was the wart and the holy cigarette burned it out at the roots: left a gaping prayer of skingraft precision to sew up the tear in reality. hover-eyes and interro-tongues swimming in the sharkmix insomniac fluid of change pulling at the very fabric.
he hears her say “cherry” and knows that the promise of a pack of reds will burn all this down.


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