Cameraman 3

Click click click – outer perimeter motion detectors trigger rapidfire cameras, feeds push the images through smart refinement software and then they are shunted into image mapping programs, and from there into facial recognition. The machinery has to be there and working fast because what if he were to be asleep when someone tried to attack him, such as now?
The storm shutters had dropped as soon as the security system was awoken so no one outside would be able to see the flashing lights and the soundproofing contained the sound of the alarm.
Strunk was pissed – this shit happening a day after an availability broadcast meant that some fucker was not happy with the idea of paying for what he had. The silver lining was that it meant what he had was valuable. Still, not only was someone willing to launch an offensive against him, but they had used hired help and given out his location. Shit, he did a double-take – they had given out his location. Who the fuck had his location?
He was lucky because his data-uplink to a remote location had been completed ten minutes earlier. He pressed the blaze erase button that was rigged to all of his equipment; climbed into his portable rig and dropped out through one-time tunnel which was set to collapse as soon as he had exited it in a covered location two miles from this, his major base of operations.
He had places everywhere – someone in his line of work needed a string of safehouses because it was their business to piss people off and reap the rewards from that. He’d  have to be patient though – he wanted to make sure that he wasn’t followed because someone already knew way too much. When you are in the business of selling information you are even more guarded about your own – and you are better equipped than most to keep a tight lockdown on what gets out there.
He immediately suspected Harcut, but while Harcut wasn’t the bumbling oaf that most people pictured him as being, there was an element of luck to his current position, and the fact that he had enough muscle to back up his greed. Harcut had smarts but he couldn’t really be said to be possessed of brains and he was most definitely no kind of genius or anything.
By the end of the night he would be relocated and he would be back online. He had business to do – guaranteed money coming in. He needed to be able to pay now for the investigation he was going to have to do into who had double-crossed him.
He shot out into the warehouse, daylight exploding around him. This place had it’s own sealed system and would have told him if it wasn’t safe to use. He’d wait here a little while and then he would be on his way – never to come back to this place that had been home for so long.

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