Cockroach 3

I had no need of tracking when it came to Hale – for a man who spent most of his life tracking people and working up timetables from patterns of behaviour he was not very good at keeping an irregular schedule in place for himself. That was one of the things we had always been taught – the whole idea that variety was the spice of life was a philosophy to die for as far as we were concerned. Hale had grown old and lazy quickly – how this flabby-minded motherfucker had got the drop on me I would never know; it had to mean that the others were way fucking better than he was and their over-compensation dragged up his batting average and made it look good.
The fact that I knew when and where to find this man meant that he had not changed things up in a long time. If they had run a spot check on him his ass would have been canned straight away. He was the weak link in the chain and in our line of work you didn’t brook no entry point by which people could infiltrate your network.
The laziness spoke of arrogance, so I kind of knew that he wouldn’t be expecting anyone to have the balls to try and attack him on his own turf – here he was thinking that he was safe and sound and free to do whatever the fuck he wanted. I stepped out of the shadows and I let him get a good look at me. Now a headless attacker would more than shock most people, would put them seriously on the back foot – but he was in a different line of work and had seen plenty of shit weirder than that. No, the thing that shocked him was he instantly knew who I was and that meant no good news for him.
He lunged at me, I grabbed his arm, pulled him off balance, tripped him, and was on top of him before he could barely form a thought. I pummelled at him, felt his ribs crack under the force of my blows, watched his face swell and burst. But I had to hold back, had to get him out of sight and try and pump him for information before I disposed of him.
Now, I know what you’re thinking – how in the hell does a headless guy interrogate someone for information? Well, the whole deal with the modifications that were made to me is that this whole situation was an eventuality that they planned for, so there were devices in me for just such an occurrence. A vocal processor facing front, towards the enemy, just like a mine – yes, I know your mind went there, so why not use it?
I have never had a problem asking difficult questions and I have always had a certain finesse when it came to extracting information from reluctant subjects. Hale wasn’t reluctant, but I pretended that he was – he had gone soft in the middle but I just made out like he was a hard nut to crack and kept going long after the questions had borne all the fruit they were going to bear. After a while with him there were no more questions and all I was working on were answers; answers to the questions that were my family’s dead bodies.
I am hoping that it takes as little time as this to take the rest of this organisation apart and I hope that I derive as much pleasure from weighing out the justice as I am here. Pulled fingernails, gouged eyes, slices of tongue, pulled teeth, sliced extremities all spiced with screams that an uneducated man might not expect from a trained soldier. All men scream when it comes down to it – when a professional gets to work there isn’t any place for a person to hide themselves, and I am a professional.

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