ah, my headfuzz sputters. packed in the matter of self. innards spooling out tickertape loose to bundle and wrap around crap-full skull of empty. we stutter to break the hold of syntax, semiotics and grammar.

there is a tapeworm in the dictionary recording every word that we look up so it may construct arguments from the ghosts of our stupidity. cupidity – oh, arrow love, and point the way as the neon fractures in spitting sparks of bulbs dropped in water to kill the wet amphibian dream drying out in death.

i kind of sort of maybe understand that something i thought i had a handle on only opens from the inside out.

there are butterflies zipping themselves up in suitcase cocoons to unpack their caterpillar dreams into eternal postulates of youth forever after captured. all the vampires held in amber and strung along the ribbon spines which click in the breeze of hookah smoke at the lewis carroll beatification talks.

i am asking someone who once seemed to know something but now professes to know nothing what exactly is the difference between denial of the non-specific and admission of the general? is there not a cancelling out of the significance in the no-man’s land of no definition?

we set off fireworks and in the condensing moment of a single bang which hearkens to the big bang we see a possible fourth dimensional rift open and espy a way into the data-strewn algorithm that is babel.

in the beginning was one big long primal scream that when downloaded and unzipped proved to be merely a dirty joke passed between demigods in the back of the class.

you are tuning out my headfuzz. picking up on some loose harmony and tightening it until the ripe skull bursts and coconut milk or seminal flood erupts outwards, lands, pools and becomes the ivory tusks of ganesh, destroyer of obstacles. this is the key.

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