now is the time

time scattered; skittered outwards in small glass beads. they had found a way to map the truth of reality onto control analogues and they needed a fact an instantaneous history stop. all of the different elements of the reality were represented by easy to understand shorthand archetypes that even novices could plug into and operate.
he stepped back from the debris – tapped the subdermal control in his left eye orbit and brought the shatter analysis routine online. their previous analysis had revealed that the break-up of the medium was patterned along belief schismatics and that would help them identify system flaws.
it seemed that a rapid decentralisation of power had occured when it became evident to people that those nominally in power actually had no answers to the questions which the evolving world was asking of them all. the ones who knew what direction to row the boat in were those who had been decried as radicals and seen as those operating on the fringes of society; the survivalists; those who had set themselves the task of preserving a whole range of skill sets that were under threat of disappearing.
the upheaval in the societies had not initially been a traumatic one – it had involved a peaceful turning away from the centres of commerce and information trafficking towards the hinterlands where these people might educate them in the ways of survival that were going to keep the wolf from the door and the food on the table.
it was when those who occupied the positions which had now become untenable because of their obvious irrelevancy realised what had happened that the trouble started. government, like any organism seeks to protect itself and moved swiftly to depose those who sought to supplant it. but the groups which were under attack were no longer fringe interest groups but had alloyed to them the majority of the populace, and these were no longer the toothless consumers of yesteryear – these were educated, hardier, beings entirely. they did not lay down like the meek lambs they were supposed to be. civil war erupted and it tore down the edifices of the old defunct order and severely limited what the intial scope of the replacement culture had promised. dissent, resentment – attack, couunter-attack; destablised, the whole thing escalated and soon the world pulled the biggest trigger it could find.
they were benevolent gods though – well, of a kind. this was, after all, a modelling system designed to thinktank the problems of the day. they wanted to get the jump any of this kind of societal breakdown and see if they could address the needs of their people before they gave up on the establishment and went their own way.
he downloaded his cognitions into the scope-banks, tracking them to the visuals; gathered up the pieces and put the time module in a rebuild cask. it wouldn’t take long before they could reattach the broken element and get the whole thing running again. while he was waiting for that he would be formulating a meme-underpin to soft-wear the data needed to prevent this particular outcome. whether it was the answer that would bring the best outcome remained to be seen, but this was what he lived for: the science of possibility.

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