adding to nothing

we’re burning mathematics as a diversion. can you hear the black hole fizzing over there? it’s event horizon pickling the unwary traveller in a crushing stasis that stretches towards infinity?
we were all trapped once in the aeons of distraction, our heads drilled with the sharp driving force of another’s intention; but we all got free and the pulsing waves of light that we emanate are a celebration of that.
we stood around in a ring at the inaugral opening of reality and as that first spark passed through us we knew that the universe at large was an externalised map of all our dreams, all our postulates.
we didn’t need words back then – we were singing rainbows. we had no use for maths and its abstract chatter – enlightenment washed through us like background radiation and everything was possibility.
no binary absolutes cutting us down the middle into empty paperdoll echoes of our true selves. no, we were whole; we were creative. we were not interested in accounting in the least.
i look at the broken calculator and i do not mourn it.

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  1. This is great

  2. This is great.. I like it

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