an eventful week

when he realised that the world was a jigsaw that he had been trying to put together for the longest time he heaved a sigh of relief – the fact that he had been doing such a sterling job whilst having no idea what the picture on the box looked like cheered him.
he had been accused of living in a solipsistic, navel-gazing, masturbatory version of reality, and no matter how hard he argued against it he had very little real proof that this wasn’t exactly what he was doing.
his claims of blandness – supported by a large stamp collection and several sets of holiday snaps converted into slides – were roundly refused admission as evidence into the case for the plaintiff. one look at him and you could see that there was something odd about him.
he had next door neighbours who had summoned the third incarnation of mammon and gone into business with him selling ‘kiss me quick’ hats. the house they were currently reconstructing on the other side had been decimated when a terrorist had mistaken the timer on his bomb for the one measuring how long his hard boiled egg had left to go.
to arrive at a theory of everything whilst sat in the bath dipping rich tea biscuits into a mug of ovaltine was just not normal. to arrive at an answer which dissolved reality and found everyone returned to the primal energy based forms they had been at the start of the universe could be labelled somewhat odd. but that was just the way of things with him – destroy the false notions which allow the universe to persist on tuesday morning, reconstruct reality from a quickly sketched holographic on wednesday, and have lunch with jesus on thursday. an eventful week to be sure.


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