he peeled the fruit, not hearing the ultrasonic frequency scream which it issued, but which he knew was occuring and which, he had to admit made the whole experience that much more exotic. if there were no pain or risk involved in the getting of a delicacy then it really was not worth it.
there were, at this moment, proposals being tabled in the upper houses to reclassify the elksa as a living being, although no conclusive tests that proved its sentience had been conducted. would sentience bother him when it came to getting a good meal? no, it would not. he had eaten longpig on the planets where it was legal – in fact he had eaten it in front of relatives of the deceased where it was custom to punish political dissent im such a fashion.
no one really knew that much about the elksa – it did not appear to be native to any of the planets on which it was found, having apparently drifted between planets until caught by the gravitational field and settling there.
eating food like this you were a pioneer – no one had really tested the stuff to see whether it was edible or not; no one had the faintest idea about any possible side effects. jerome liked to be a culinary frontrunner; loved that even sitting down to breakfast he could be a risk taker.
two weeks following his first meal he and everyone who had been monitoring his health confidently proclaimed that the elksa was perfectly safe for consumption.
as it turned out they were a tad premature in their enthusiasm. only later, after they had done a little more extensive research did they realise what had happened. the initial vegetable like stage of an elksa’s development was designed specifically for the purposes of enticing other species to eat them. once they came in contact with the digestive juices of said consumer the next stage in their life cycle would begin. they used the heat generated by the stomach acid to fuel an extensive genetic rebuild and during the process they became considerably larger. the final stage consisted of bursting out of the stomach and consuming the unexpected host. jerome was not unaware of the irony as another breakfast began with him playing the role of pioneer.