Forge Netting 8: A Meeting

Lean in – look in the eye. And what are you looking for? Some evidence of recognition. And how long has it been since this game began? How long since that first injection doomed the world to forgetfulness? Even he was having a hard time of remembering that.

Ruebeau had been ravaged by the timespace distortion that came in the latter stages of the disease – if he still didn’t have his equipment to hand he might never have recognised him.

‘Do you remember me?’ he said, staring the old man in the face, chuckling to himself ‘My name is Colin.’

‘Colin? Should I know you?’

‘Should you know me? Well, thats an interesting one to ponder, isn’t it? I have been chasing you for so long, and the bastard disease you and your kind has spread has made it even longer.’


‘You mean you don’t know what has been happening to this world since you lot started banging the waters of the Lethe into the mainline?’

‘No idea,’ he croaked “what do you expect of me?’

‘Not a damn sight – you fucking wreck; you selfish motherfucker. Does it feel good having forgotten everything?’

‘Christ, how the fuck would I know? Do you think I wanted anything bad to happen?

‘Goddamnit – you’re thinking in the same way now as you were then, and as you have been since this nightmare started … namely, not at all.’

‘So, you have any answers, or do you just have complaints?’

‘Oh, I have some answers, and I am going to take you to the place where they will unfold.’

Colin took him by the arm and he led him away.