Forge Netting 11: Old Memories, New Thoughts

Strategic attacks were carried out on government protected Nostalgia Dumps; vast informational archives that had been preserved in case of something like the disaster that had currently befallen the world.

Colin led the frontline attacks, pulling behind him an army of those from similar professions to himself – attacking with an almost suicidal ferocity.

The engineer continued to put back together those who had been in the first wave which had gathered into the following tsunami, building himself a force with which to reclaim the world.

Ruebeau had been tested extensively and they said they were making progress – seeing some answers in the riddle of what his body had done to cause the mutation of the disease.

Ruebeau felt as lost as he had when he could remember nothing – now everything he remembered seemed to have disappeared or was disappearing. The world, only partially held in place by forgetful men, was an eroding shore.

What was his function? And what really was the purpose of the engineer and his war? MOst days it seemed a pointless struggle against themselves. Had he learned his lesson? Would he not just take the pill again if it were offered him.

He talked to the druggists, those working to recompense the world they had helped destroy, and he wondered if they still had any kind of secret stashes. If they did couldn’t he just disappear off and take enough to see him through to the end of his days? Or perhaps he could persuade others to help him drug these freedom fighters so he might escape and once more have a choice over what he had to remember. He did not want these painful memories as much as he didn’t want this painful present. Oblivion seemed welcoming.