Forge Netting 12: Freedom Into What

Burning books. His face was black with soot – this was hard work. All these idiots trying to resurrect a corrupt world for a corrupt species. What was the fucking point? Were they all retarded or something? He just didn’t get it. Not that he wanted to forget anything, but he didn’t want to remember what they had lost either.

He watched this engineer and his efforts and he despaired that hope could make someone so blind to the reality of what was going on. He had come to the edge of the encampment and he had talked to someone called Ruebeau and he understood his posution more.

Ruebeau was a prisoner to all intents and purposes – not on the side of the people he was forced to live with but not necessarily against them either; just wishing to extricate himself from the whole mess and go away somewhere and live his life peacefully by himself … Jonas empathised with that. Jonas could get behind an idea like that.

Before he gave Ruebeau false hope he had to work out the logistics of the whole game. He needed to get out here without attracting attention and needed to leave the same way. He could be inconspicuous when he wanted but having a vehicle and doing that in this day and age when most people had forgotten how to drive was not going to be the easiest thing.

What he decided to do was to be around a lot more in the car he owned – make it less unusual; let them get used to him. He fell into a rhythm with the whole thing and it became as natural as breathing for him to be there and for others to see him.

Ruebeau seemed to cotton on to the idea pretty quickly and also became very comfortable with the whole routine.

The day it happened neither of them could really believe how easy it was and the nerves which had been absent throughout the proceeding months suddenly swelled and rushed in on them like an unexpected tide. But they were doing it – they were driving away: Ruebeau was free again.

Jonas, now slightly confused at his own motives, was still pleased he had done what he had done, and besides, there was no turning back now.