Forge Netting 13: The Quantum Possible

His mother, so it was said, had been a severe addict – that her addiction had shaken him loose in the time stream. Causality had become tangled around her and things stopped seeming to follow the pattern of cause an effect. No one remembered his birth but they did recall when he appeared – that kind of thing was a little shocking. Even more shocking was his inability to be the same age from one day to the next. It was said that his was the most extreme of cases and he served as a precautionary tale for more than one person.

Ruebeau and Jonas heard tell of him as they moved through the smaller villages and approached the city. The word guru was not a safe word to trust in but both of them were curious – wanting to see whether they might discover something about themselves and the nature of this new universe.

‘This is what time is like – logic gates built out of questions and answers. I am able to build new gates into the system because what I am defies logic. I may be an escape route or I may be a cul-de-sac; I do not know yet. Everything I view escapes the distortion of linear progress; I see the frozen moments and the river of time and can offer you words of enlightenment from that.’

He aged and grew younger before them and the words went from a to b with no hitch; as if he, across time, were piecing a jigsaw of vision together.

He paused for a moment and stared long and hard at Ruebeau.

‘You did this. You are the insane god of this universe.’

Ruebeau sat there dumbfounded. He had been the Typhoid Mary of this place – the origin of the disease according to those who had studied his genetic structure and determined his mutation as being responsible for the mutation of the virus, but now he was being hailed as some kind of insane god? He felt totally sane – hmm, well that was a little unsteady as an assertion. He had been cured of his amnesia and here he was out in the world looking to forget it all once again.

‘Yes, I see through the dissembling, paper man. You are a modern disease of turn away and face the other direction. The world is easy to forget when its behind you.’

He turned to Jonas.

‘And you in the belly of the wail – don’t try and shirk your responsibility in this. You have enabled this coward to walk away from people who were trying to save him and save the world.
‘You can both keep running but you will trip yourselves up, and they are not going to stop chasing you.
‘I have travelled out into the quantum possible and returned and there are many choices made by you two that will determine the shape of the world.’