Forge Netting 14: A Headache

He’d ditched Jonas two weeks before – Jonas had been shaky since the prognostication; he’d been pretty shaky himself. He couldn’t be out in the open because he didn’t know who he could trust – the kind of resources those after him could pull on meant that every motherfucker with a clue from coast to coast had their eye out for him and the meal-ticket he represented.

The food was bad, the habitation was bad, and the occasional company was bad. His hands shook as much from the bad nutrition and the lack of good sleep as it did from nerves – he was not a good advertisement for being on the run; the glamour quotient was definitely not very high.

He walked across the seasick floorboards and looked in the rust infected mirror – memory seemed stitched into the lines in his face. The irony that the plague carrier who had blanked out the world now couldn’t forget a single thing. Things had come back to him unbidden – he didn’t go searching for memories, now they just swam to the surface … bloomed in glorious colour, announcing themselves in waves of pain.

The penalty for memory wipe drugs was so stiff that a once thriving subculture was crushed – the few addicts were having to raid old stocks and those stocks were being guarded jeealously by those who had managed to obtain them – it was a dangerous situation; one he was glad he was at least sane enough to step back from.

He clutched the side of his head and lurched toward the bed. Being sane and not being involved in the scrabble for a few pills did not, however, make him any less susceptible to the pain. He buried his face in the lumpy pillow and stifled the screams which this unnatural migraine pulled forth from him.

He knew that at some point the run would end – it would either end in freedom, capture, or death. He suspected one of the latter two options. Only heroes ever stood a chance of getting away and that wasn’t him – he was most definitely no kind of hero. Not that he was calculated enough to be any real kind of villain; no, he was just an accident that had happened … a careless man who had broken everything he touched just because he was too blind to see past the selfish needs which consumed him.

He secretly cherished the idea of an ending – and to be honest he diddn’t care which one; just as long as it came and came swiftly.