Forge Netting 15: Usage

It served a medical purpose – he was sure of that; he knew … he had been part of the team that had explored the operations of the drug. Seemed strange that he had to assert with himself that he knew it had had medical applications but nothing had remained clarity-filled in these days of amnesiac reign.

All things eventually find a life as luxury items and the drug was no exception; it found its legs simultaneously as a military item and he could understand that application more … he had seen many things intended for peace turned to war, but for some reason they idea of a mind-wiping drug turning up on the medical counter of the local pharmacy and being something opted into by your average joe; for some reason that was hard to take.

Privy to information that not many would ever have about the situation and the spread of the disease he sometimes wondered why he had survived. No antidote had been worked up in those days and no reason to create one had ever been tabled. The mad rush that followed the aftermath of those inital waves of people reduced to memory-free zombies seemed a little late in the day. Retroactive actions rarely balanced the scales and rarely set things to rights.

He knew that those in the executive echelon were trying to insulate themselves – both from the world at large and their responsibility in the creation of it; he had been called to private meetings by the money swathed cowards and he had felt a certain amount of disgust about their talk of what could made out of this situation; how might they tailor this to their advantage?

They asked him whether he would help them – whether he would help them create a control mechanism to section off part of the society that they wanted controlled. He was told that if he refused he would, of course, be memory wiped himself. They were fools – he would not have gone anywhere near them if he didn’t have some kind of memory reservoir.

‘I am going to walk away from this and no one is going to stop me. You seem to have forgotten your humanity and traded it in for greed. Look at the world around you – look at what we did; how badly we pulled this place apart. It is trying to fix itself and you want to enslave it? You should be ashamed.’

‘What a remarkable display of backbone Dr. Spitz. It is quite uncharacteristic of you – you never used to be quite so naive. Your memory reservoir is nullified; in fact we have been using it to record your thoughts for the last two weeks. Money may not mean anything anymore, but there are other currencies which are in plentiful supply.’

‘You sly bastard, Runcible.’

‘Yes,’ said Runcible, stsepping to the side and gesturing towards Spitz, who, seconds later, had decorated most of the wall behind him with his brains.