Forge Netting 19: Still Watching

An old man sat looking at a manila folder with a picture of a degraded individual caught on CCTV fleeing through a crowded city street – hundred of people pointing at him and shouting at him but none of them brave enough to step forward and stop the man. He felt sorry for the poor creature – what must he have gone through?

All that man had wanted was to forget something; how could he have foreseen that all of this would spiral out of control and create this place which they all now lived in? Some had worked out that this would happen; some had worked to make it happen; and some had been trampled under foot as it had rolled out. He was ashamed at his part in it; those early days he had been fully behind LEthe, he had even dabbled with them when the world tilted on its axis. No one had expected their potential saviour (saviour by reason of the fact that he had the biological ingredients for a possible antidote in him) to disappear and be able to remain disappeared.

‘Colin?’ said the man who had placed the manilla folder in front of him.

‘Strange, isn’t it?’

‘What is?’

‘That this bumbling idiot managed to do so much damage?’

‘What did you want us to do about him?’

‘Find him – bring him here.’

‘What do you intend to do about him?’

‘Do about him? We are going to be saving him.’

‘From whom?’

‘Erin, this is obvious; why do you ask? From himself for one. But most pressingly the River Of Lethe, a mechanised army sent out by the old command centre to destroy him and keep this world of forgetfulness rolling along.’

‘You know him, right?’

‘I sure do.’

‘How old does that make you?’

‘Ah, well, the Rejuvenate hides the lines that tell that tale, eh?’


‘Who did you put on this?’