Forge Netting 22: Lead Weight

‘How did we get so behind in this hunt?’

‘This hunt has been going on for a long time.’

‘Yes. It is the province of old men.’

‘Well, as always old men are the ones who shape things and break things.’

‘Not that you would know that any of us were old men anymore.’

‘Ah, maybe not from the outside, but the actions betray the operator behind the machine.’

‘Funny – an Engineer pun, I like it.’

‘So, why did he leave the name Ledwait?’

‘A codename I believe – one he used to use. And a key to his true identity.’

‘You seem sketchy on what you know.’

‘This guy is a sketchy individual.’

‘Yeah, he went from idiot to skilled assassin in a very short period of time.’

‘You read the file – what we managed to recover and that is a fairly normal change of operating basis for this guy. He’s a data courier of old and deep cover – this whole fuck up we are living through is the result of trying to blank someone who no one in his right mind would have ever sanctioned for the process if they knew who and what he was.’
‘Did you know all this when we had him with us before?’
‘No, course I didn’t. Even Colin, when we had him on our side didn’t know shit about this. It is one of those strange coincidences that the information regarding him surfaced around the same time that all those shell personalities decided to purge and the real man stepped forward.’


‘So, what does this give us?’

‘Well, a little more of his background – and that might give us more of an idea of how and why the process mutated in him into something so wildly contagious.’

‘You think they had done something to him previously that had soem bearing on the mutation?’

‘Don’t you?’

‘Makes sense I suppose.’

‘So, how are we going to make sure that we at least get an audience with him and try to persuade him to help?’

‘That, my friend is the question for the big bucks.’


Forge Netting 21: No Regret’s Good

Centre of a web – that is where he feels he has always been. He used to be the ¬† ¬†spider but now he most definitely feels he is the fly. It’s strange – the chase has cracked open the locks and he is remembering things. As he hears those footsteps gathering behind him the blood rushes in his head; pictures flashing in his mind … the clarity he has been lacking for so long in this life of hiding suddenly snaps into focus. The things he is remembering are not just that scrapbook life he pieced together for the lie that was Ruebeau – they are things before that; things from the life that came before the hall of mirrors.

Still, he couldn’t quite remember his name. He knew he had been something of a miserable bastard, but not everything had swum up out of the fog yet. And his intelligence training was beginning to resurface too.

The Engineer and his minions had come close to catching him before – but they were much more able when they were operating in a group … it was as if splitting them up into their individual components they lost their ability to think. He created the illusion of divergent paths and as they divided off to go and trace down the goose they were chasing he cornered them and he ended them. Bricks were a wonderfully simple solution when one had no other weapon.

Colin and his network, now a strangely distinct group who he couldn’t quite understand, they were a bit harder to shake, and he had decided not to kill them; it meant playing a never-ending game of misdirection, but now, with his faculties reasserting themselves, he was happy to play.

Jonas was a fool who found himself seriously outmatched. He came expecting Ruebeau but he found someone else entirely. When one is thinking they will find a fool,a blunt instrument, and what they find instead is a razor sharp blade that takes their head clean off.

Things which had been out to destroy him he was turning the tables on. He knew who he wasn’t you might say, but he didn’t yet fully know who he was. He did remember his name though – not that he had spoken it aloud to anyone yet. That name – more reasons to want to forget. That name, in some ways, had a worse history attached to it than the one he had been using of late.