Forge Netting 23: Callsign

‘Who is this guy if he isn’t Ruebeau?’

‘He is Ruebeau.’

‘But he’s someone else as well, right?’


‘Did we crack that callsign yet?’

‘I think so.’

‘Think, not know?’

‘Well, it looks like the Engineer’s men went hacking around in the system and pulled most of the surface files.’

‘Surface files?’

‘Yes, it seems that the system had something of a false bottom.’

‘And we cracked through it?’

‘We surely did. Kind of surprising that the system was even there to be honest – amazing that it was intact and functioning as it should function. It had one of the best EMP shields I ever saw and the Farady cage was equally powerful.’

‘Wonderful – all wonderful, but please, can we dispense with all the mystery and can you just tell me his name?’

‘Jerome Barrow.’

‘Bullshit, dig deeper – sounds fake.’

‘OK, you got me – that was about ten layers down.’

‘Terence Ensign.’

‘Great, so who is this Terence Ensign?’

‘As far as I can tell, from what we pieced together, he is one dangerous motherfucker.’

‘OK, did you find out anything interesting about him, something that is not about him killing people, or intelligence ops – anything like that?’

‘Yes, it seems that Terence Ensign has a post-hypnotic command that makes him seek out memory erasure after a mission.’

‘Hmm, nice way of making sure you don’t have any intelligence assets wandering around loose in the field with info you want destroyed.’


‘So, this guy, even before the bullshit that brought the world down had a thing for forgetting things?’

‘It would seem so.’

‘And what’s his agenda now?’

‘Who the fuck knows? It could be something totally new; something cobbled together from a billion different shell personalities.’

‘Oh, good. It looks like our next meeting with him is going to be very interesting. How is our man doing in tracking him down?’

‘No word.’

‘Great, that’s not good.’

‘No, it isn’t.’


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