Forge Netting 29: White

A blinking light five miles underground indicates a signal has been received; indicates a message has been sent; indicates a protocol is in effect. Binary dances through the dark and software cascades through the hardwire of hardware; printed circuitry moving servos, adjusting the flow of chemicals … chemicals which regulate the state of a body that has not aged nor woken in a long time.

Sentinel activation in progress. Project Remind online. Agent hibernation cycle terminated; Phoenix cycle in progress. Data alignment and update in progress; mapping new data onto old framework. Decrypting hive-locks; purging suspension fluid, final wake in progress.

Blinking sleep out of their eyes, finger in mouth to separate gummed lips, an ice cold glass of water for a parched throat.

‘Tastes good, eh, fellas?’

‘Yessir,’ replied four voices in unison.

‘Well, Bronson, get the fuck up and find out what year’s on the calendar, eh?’

‘Commander Swift, have you noticed how the place looks?’

‘Yes, Chelsea, looks a little abandoned, but at the end of the day what the hell does that matter?’

‘It doesn’t I suppose.’

‘C’mon, Bleecher, get your bloody clothes on – if we’re awake then the shit is about to, or has already hit the fan, and we need to hit the ground running.’

‘Where is Kutchner?’

‘Already out and working, sir.’

Swift was moving towards the control centre in long strides. Kutchner was sat in his favourite place, fingers moving over the keys, eyes boring holes into the screen, mouth a thin cut of pursed concentration.

‘So, Kutchner, what’s the dope?’

‘Well, Sir, seems this is the same crew we were following before we went under.’

‘The ones that disappeared off the radar just as we were about to catch them?’

‘Yes, the sleepers; Project Mnemosyne, I believe.’

‘Fuck, and is the head viper walking and talking?’

‘Yessir. It appears that he was the first of these bastards to be dug up and that set the whole cascade process of wake-ups going.’

‘Good to know that the systems are still working. How long have we been out of the game?’

‘Too long. The date has clocked up considerably.’

‘Ah, well – the clock is always ticking. Time to get out there and start kicking over some anthills. I want all the data packeted and ready to plug in fifteen minutes.
‘Bronson, weapons checked and ready in fifteen.
‘The rest of you get your fucking arses in gear. We are going to be taking some skulls apart very shortly.’


Forge Netting 28: Black and White

‘Colin, do you know how the fuck LEthe got mixed up in all this?’

‘Not a hundred percent.’

‘Weren’t they mainly funded by military contracts?’

‘Yeah, but the rogue ones; it’s anyone’s bet what they’re gonna do. Ensign got away from them and his training kicked in harder.’

‘And LEthe, not knowing that they were mindwiping a guy set up to be wiped and planted regularly stumbled into a minefield, and inadvertently created a pandemic.’

‘That seems to be the main gist of it.’

‘A butterfly flaps its wings.’


‘So have we found out anything else about him or the project he was part of?’

‘Not much, but he may be the tip of the iceberg – they aren’t going to commission a single solitary agent, are they? This guy is going to be part of a larger group and that group is potentially full of people just as dangerous as him.’

‘This all seems kind of ridiculous doesn’t it?’

‘What, endless agents? Endless labyrinthine games? Sure, it seems ridiculous to those who don’t know what the agenda is, and sometimes the oversight committees don’t – they are independently operating units set to either balance or imbalance the world.’

‘You seem to understand it pretty well.’

‘Why wouldn’t I?’


‘I was one of them.’

‘A plant in LEthe?’

‘No, course not. I was a retired asset by that point. I just understand the mindset.’

‘So, there might possibly guys out there who are seeking to go up against these guys in an effort to keep them in check?’

‘Sure, why not? If there is no opposing team then there is no game, right?’