Forge Netting 30: Grey

Umbral vestiges; penumbral lives. They moved around the periphery most of the time, inhabiting the blindspot of your average joe, but now they were having to move centre stage because one of their own had brought the world to its knees.

They had been following Ensign for weeks now and it seemed that he really had no kind of agenda – you could mislead and divert people for so long and then those tactics just started to look like randomity. They learned that he was being cased by his own people who noticed he was being tailed and wouldn’t move in to warn him or snatch him; but not, it was suspected, because of the presence of enemies, but because they were scared of the man.

Even when they had controlled the field he had been an unpredictable factor in any of their games. He wasn’t scoping anyone, wasn’t exploring territories for strategic purposes – it appeared that he was burned out and directionless, and in truth that made him all the more dangerous.

This fruitless cat and mouse couldn’t go on forever, Swift was going to take the bastard out if he could – they didn’t need Ensign walking around and breathing to take a genetic sample and work up some kind of cure. He wondered, given how many people seemed to be interested in this individual, why there was all this pussyfooting around. He wondered why he himself had fallen into that trap too. Hmm, well, because they had an idea what he was capable of if he put his mind to it and were scared what he might do with his mind as out of whack as it was.

At the moment Swift had seen fit not to take out the affiliates of Ensign – they seemed to be paralysed, but how long would that situation remain true? A gamble to be sure, but then all of this was a gamble. Who would have expected that all of this would still be going on, that all of these players would still be in the game?

If things had run as some wished he was sure that the game would have ended in the mess that the disease unleashed through Ruebeau caused – all of them buried. It was strange how things had a way of working themselves out – pushing against whatever edge it was that was forming in the being of Ensign was going to change the geography of the entire land … he was sure of it.

All these dinosaurs were likely to be extinct by the time this thing played itself out. Back in the day they had lived dangerous lives and there was always the promise of death – all this time later and that promise seemed ever more real; was ever more pressing. He felt the weight of an age on his shoulders; kind of hard to shrug that off, but a job had to be done.


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