Forge Netting 33: Simple Execution

‘You need to stand down – this is unacceptable; do you have the vaguest concept of who it is that you are attacking?’

‘Of course I do, all of my targets are very carefully selected.’

‘We have many resources which we could make available to you. You wouldn’t have to want for anything for the rest of your life.’
‘What makes you think my life is so uncomfortable now? Do you really think that everyone stumbles around in their sleep like the zombie nation you haave tried to create? I shall be taken care of. You are outmoded dinosaurs.’
‘But we offer a future to this world.’
‘I look at the present and have no desire to see that future come to fruition.’
‘You won’t make it out of here alive.’
‘Really, and what makes you think that?’


The spokesperson for LEthe swallowed hard. He had spoken with confidence, but looking at this man he felt that drain away.

This hitman stood there and he screwed on the silencer, as if loving the added drama of the action. He watched the faces, was surprised that not even one of them tried to move; tried to come for him. Why should he have been surprised that cowards like this wouldn’t even move to defend themselves – that they found it so hard to believe that someone would attack them that they had no idea of what to do.

It was no fun – it was like killing sheep, or cows; a bolt to the brain of dumb animals.

He walked out of there and not a single person thought of stopping him.