Drags 1: Black Hole Son

This alternative they don’t call them drugs – they call them drags. Not in the same way you refer to having a drag on a cigarette either. Chemicals here are seen as anchors – they create existential drag that holds you back from full acceleration. They talk of some great singularity planted at the end of time like a full stop that is pulling the whole world towards it. The singularity explains why the past appears to run slower than the present – it is all to do with the physics of approaching an event horizon.

People regularly purge – they purge everything; anything inessential to survival can be cut from the body like a cancerous lump and thrown away. Emotions are usually the first thing to go. Drags are experiential rewrites; experience is a problematic – experience is also thought of as a drag in some circles. Experience makes you old – getting old is an anchor that prevents you from approaching the singularity.

The people in the past, the ones seen as evolving or reaching a state of bliss? They freed themselves of the body anchor and their mind was pulled forward through time to the point of The Great Fusion. The Great Fusion? Well, hey, most geeks know that a black hole crushes time, light; anything that gets near it. People here seem to believe that the crushing represents a fusing of separate consciousnesses into a single entity – godhead if you will. To them, death in the heart of a black hole is the attainment of godhead. It is a doorway a wormhole through which they are extruded into a new universe where the physics are different – where the mind is greater than the body and thought drives everything.

It’s a nice idea. Why am I here? Well, we believe that this black hole in their universe is sitting on a faultline in reality: it is like a bomb set to go off above a stress fracture that threatens to engulf countless universes in tsunami of lethal radiation. We think it may once have been a white dwarf and that it is now in the next stage of it’s evolution. It collapsed down to a point, pushed through the heart of itself in a slow aeon long implosion and kept pushing until it spread out to become the huge black hole it presently is, sucking in all that energy for a purpose – to fuel an evolution into something that threatens everything. The problem is that people had been looking at it for all this time as a physical problem and something that could be dealt with using the science of physics, when what it truly is is a battle that must be fought with a supraconsciousness. I am going to have to fight with an aspirant god, a god that is a thousand commingled minds; enlightened minds. It is not going to be easy.