Closed System

‘Think of it as seed money; use it to set up your software development business.’

‘Right, so let me get this straight, you’re one of the big companies as far as security software goes and you’re paying me to create rogue programs that may outsmart your programs?’

‘Yep. It keeps big business ticking over if there is some kind of threat that it is working to deal with. If we can appear to be saving your personal liberty by selling you a program then we’re heroes and you don’t mind giving us your hard-earned money.’

‘Strange business plan. Or at least it seems so to me.’

‘Ah, but it’s a very effective one. We call it The Foundation and we are built on a very solid foundation of viral programmers. The idea comes from Asimov and the head of the country used it more than once. You know Al Quaeda means the base, or the foundation? That’s where it derives from: CIA seed money. Al Quaeda has franchises all over – it’s very successful doing what it was supposed to – which is creating a situation where we have to produce weapons and police the world with our soldiers. War is profitable.’

‘You want me to become a terrorist?’

‘There are no terrorists – there are people that work for us in the open and there are people that work for us undercover. You would be what we think of as a closed system: a circuit if you will.’


‘It’s ok, you can have some time to think about it if you need to.’

‘What if I were to take what I know to someone who could do something with the information?’

‘Son, you think we don’t have people out there at this very moment telling people who we are and what we’re doing? If people think that there is a threat of our nature they spend in countless ways, they believe that they must vote for someone else – that they must vote for one of the other parties that we fund. Someone who can stamp this kind of shit out. Or they get disbelieved – generally they get disbelieved and that makes it easier for us to exist. It’s a win win situation for us. We want people scared. You do what you think is best – you’re just us useful to us if you are on our side as you are if you’re against us – for your part though you’re gonna be doing a lot less well for yourself if you go against us. No salary and certain avenues of approach to certain kinds of success are shut down. You think you understand?’

‘Yeah. I think so. I’ll be in touch – let you know what I decide.’


‘Mr Spay?’


‘Don’t you ever feel bad about what you’re doing?’

‘Sometimes, but the wage is a pretty good buffer zone to keep morals away from me. See you later, Chuck.’