Grit: First Round 1

His hands were shaking and his mouth was dry – he needed to get a grip or he was never going to be able to fire that gun. Baker had shown confidence in him that he could do this job and he had sold himself well – much better than he had thought himself able. Grit had no patter but he had more brains than most of the guys who ended up as muscle. He had ambition. He had been in a few fights and he had a flair for violence. It was strange how this leap from hurting someone to killing them was affecting him though. It was not something he had expected this hesitance.

Baker had vision as far as Grit was concerned though – he had told Grit that he saw him doing well in this business and that this job would be the first of many. Baker was old school and didn’t bother with all the bullshit that the newcomers went in for; Baker wasn’t flash – he was down to earth and straight forward. Baker was a proper hard man. Hard men – they could see something in you that soft men couldn’t; those men who never made a life-altering decision, the ones who hid from life in the comfort of their routine, Grit had never understood them. Men who exerted power over others, who took what they wanted – they were the ones that he had always looked to for answers. His father was a peaceful man and he didn’t make any sense to Grit. The real world walked over pacifists; ignored them; they rarely made the history books as far as he could see. Most of history was filled with the warriors – the brave men who had defended their countries, conquered others. They were all hard men. Grit knew what he had to become: what he was already becoming.

An untraceable gun, a full round, and a folder full of information. He had not thought it would be that easy for something like this to be arranged, but then he supposed he didn’t think in the same way as his bosses yet. He was good at spotting flaws in a plan though: he had prevented several heists going down badly. Why? Because he didn’t trust entirely to another man’s word and he did his own research. That is what he had done here. He had been tailing this guy since he had been given the folder – double-checking every nuance of his routine to make sure that he could pick the best possible time to kill him.