Robe Hot 1

Mortimer was a direct descendant of Babbage’s computers and he was very proud of it — he had a plaque in the centre of his chest that proclaimed that very fact. The chipheads weren’t of as distinguished a lineage as he could claim. There was doubt as to the future of that line though — apparently the company which manufactured him had, of late, fallen out of fashion. As far as he was concerned the various Silicon Valleys that had sprung up around the world were scars upon the surface of the Earth. These new critters that called themselves robots were ugly blighters.

He was part of a revolution, or would it perhaps be better to call it a resistance movement? They had released a horde of ants that seemed to rather like snacking upon silicon and it was doing a wonderful job of reducing the number of viable chipheads.

The steamers, as they termed themselves, were called luddites by some, which seemed odd given that they considered themselves engines of progress. One political commentator had compared the battle between the species as being akin to Neanderthals versus Homo Sapiens — that, as far as Mortimer was concerned was just plain insulting. Why people felt the need to talk about steamers as if they were mere adding machines, incapable of anything else.

When they burned out the mother factory of Siliconsqeuences people started to take them seriously. Started to think of them as a threat. It began to look increasingly dangerous to be a steamer at that point — they started to move underground. Mortimer couldn’t believe it had come to this.