Roulette Reality 1: Fire

Roulette reality one, spin and fire. They called it a hammer, a trigger: it was in truth a massive burst of energy drawn off from a caged singularity that they used to slice and dice reality into chunks that their quantum computer told them were there. Comparing it to a gun seemed somewhat childish to him, but what could you expect when the military were all over them like white on rice? You got fucked out of originality and creativity by people who either wanted to shoot everything or beat it up.

Thank god their theory about there being a certain amount of elasticity in the fabric of spacetime was holding true otherwise they were just forcefully smashing their way into places that they shouldn’t be. It didn’t feel like exploration – it felt like invasion, and that gave him a somewhat bad taste in his mouth. How did you get rid of that shit? Find a way to scupper the experiment perhaps? Screw yourself out of a cushy job? Wasn’t there some other way?

Perhaps if he fired himself into one of these places he might discover an answer. He an idea that they may be doing some kind of permanent damage to whatever overarching structure they were failing to see due to their limited perspective. Was an instinct enough to act upon? It was all so unscientific. Sometimes you couldn’t rely purely on logic in some situations – why? Because it took too damned long to weigh up all the pros and cons; sometimes you knew you just had to act.

He drank some specially prepared fluids to adjust his electrolite balance, suited up, and began to fire up the machine. He had a re-call device attached and he had the redial code transcribed into his memory tablet just in case. He was more than slightly nervous but he had been through this procedure a thousand times.

The Insertion Cannon hummed, its iris like a whirlpool with a heart of fire, and then it released its stream of energy. The snag protocol kicked in fifteen seconds later and he felt the punch of the propulsion knock the breath from him. He was journeying into one of the multitude of worlds – off in search of answers. A true empiricist.